Energy Supplies

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Everyone knows how energy bills continue to get bigger, despite changing over to more energy efficient A+++ appliances and LED lighting, and having better insulated homes.

Equally people know that it is seriously easy these days to switch suppliers. It only takes a phone call or a couple of minutes online to make huge savings on energy bills. Where it gets complicated is trying to understand the confusion marketing tactics used by those bigger more well known names in the energy supplies industries, which is designed to totally confuse people so much that they don’t bother with actually switching their energy suppliers.

The other problem people are up against is that most of the energy supplier advice and comparison websites on the internet use biased results listings to ensure their commissions are protected, leading you to choose from less than the full marketplace in your attempt to reduce your annual energy costs.

If you want to reduce your annual energy spend, possibly by many hundreds of pounds a year  compared to the average Big 6 energy tariffs there are a number of new energy companies to choose from who operate very differently to those more well known and established ones.

Here are a few:

  • Bulb Energy – no exit fees so you are free to leave anytime. 100% Green energy.
    One tariff for all, called ‘Vari – fair’. Fuel prices  can go both down and up depending on wholesale market price changes.
    Dual fuel discount of £30 per year. Pays a £50 referral fee to users that introduce new customers, plus £50 credited to your referred new customer’s account. You are in full control of your monthly direct debit amount. You can also switch to Bulb Energy if you use a prepayment meter.


  • Yorkshire Energy – no exit fees so you are free to leave anytime
    2 simple tariff’s – Yorkshire Energy Variable and Green Hedgehog


  • Robin Hood Energy – a “Not for Profit” energy company launched by Nottingham City Council as a competitor to the Big Six Energy Suppliers.  FIND THEM HERE


  • Pure Planet – Britain’s first app only energy supplier. Cut your bills and your carbon footprint.