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It really is that simple. Get on with doing all the things that are important to you. 
Your appearance, what other people think and social media are not what is important. Your life is.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance

Everyone travelling abroad is well advised to take out travel insurance. We all know that makes sense, and for most people the cost involved is well worth the peace of mind such insurance cover brings. For a number of people they benefit from no cost or low cost cover, possibly without realizing that it’s there. Some banks and building societies offer this to their current account customers,

However, for people with pre-existing medical conditions the picture can be somewhat different because their medical history has to be declared. This normally results in sky high premiums being demanded, as I found out. way out of proportion to the actual greater risks carried by the insurer. In other words, the excessive premiums demanded mean people with existing medical conditions just can’t afford to travel abroad, which is such a great shame.

All is not lost, however. There are a (very) few insurance companies that take a very different approach to such cases and although they still need to be told about any previous or current medical details they are very much more realistic about premiums.
After several days spent “shopping around” online and researching other peoples experiences I eventually found World First, who charged under £100 for both me and my wife for a joint annual multi trip policy, which I found to be seriously cheaper than other companies. When I tell you that my (declared) pre-existing medical conditions included a Stroke AND Prostate Cancer, you can then determine how affordable that premium appeared to us both.  Luckily we have not had to claim from the policy so I can’t comment on how they handle claims, but remain thankful for their realistic approach to people like myself.

World First
World First

Car Breakdown & Recovery Insurance

I was watching the money saving expert Martin Lewis one evening when he mentioned a young lady who he thought was paying “over the top” for her car breakdown & recovery insurance. He told her that she should not be paying more than £40 per year !!

Knowing I was paying a higher premium than that I checked on how much I was actually paying. Guess what, I found that my premium was well over double that amount, plus extra on top for legal protection plus extra for European cover plus extra for home start etc……

Time to get online and find what was available out there. That’s when I came across Start Rescue. Everything I need for a very reasonable £35.45 with home start and legal expenses plus accident and breakdown assistance and recovery. They also have a smartphone app. which reports your phone number and position directly to the company when you are in need of assistance, no need to call them. They then confirm by text to let you know that someone is on their way.

Gas & Electricity Supplies

Everyone knows how energy bills continue to get bigger, despite changing over to more energy efficient A+++ appliances and LED lighting, and having better insulated homes.

Equally people know that it is reasonably easy these days to switch suppliers. It only takes a phone call or a couple of minutes online. Where it gets complicated is the confusion marketing tactics used by those bigger more well known names in the energy supplies industries, which is designed to totally confuse people to not bother with actually switching their energy suppliers.

The other problem people are up against is that most of the energy supplier comparison websites on the internet use biased results listings to ensure their commissions are protected, leading you to choose from less than the full marketplace in your attempt to reduce your annual energy costs.

If you want to reduce your annual energy spend, possibly by hundreds of pounds a year  compared to the average Big 6 energy tariffs and would like to use a company that treats you as you would want to be treated, with fair prices forever and greener energy from the UK’s largest investor in solar generation,  then I suggest you take a look at OVO ENERGY

OVO ENERGY not only make it simple to select the tariff that is best for you (they only have 3 tariffs), you get a £5 per month Online Discount plus you receive 3% interest paid whenever your account is in credit

The good thing is you can switch to OVO ENERGY in just 2 minutes from your laptop, mobile or tablet. All you need is a valid email address. You don’t need a bill to hand – in fact, you don’t even need to know who your current supplier is. They inform your current supplier and ensure no double billing, and, as all suppliers use the same pipes and cables, there’s no engineer visits and no risk of disconnection. I found the whole “switch” was seriously easy.

As a thank you for joining them you will have the choice of a £25 Amazon, Argos or M+S voucher. What’s more, you’ll get another Amazon, Argos or M+S voucher for every friend you refer to OVO

To start your energy supplier switch CLICK HERE

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