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  • An Otter In Stroud

    Of all England’s mammals, there is one – more than any other – that I have always wanted to see in the wild. Only one animal which, since I […]

  • At Last, The Priory

    So that’s that then. The end. Ten years after starting work at The Priory – almost to the day – I’m leaving. I’ve spent about a […]

  • The Priory In June

    I will be leaving Sussex and The Priory very soon.  And if I’m excited about my future life in a different part of England, my lower lip trembles […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Wood Mouse

    We’re going to have one fat mouse. […]

  • Fritillaria Meleagris – The Snake’s Head Fritillary

    A couple of weeks ago, after months of squelch, The Priory meadow was dry enough to support the weight of the Etesia ride-on mower … as well as my added […]

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  • How to make fun bird feeders

    Do you feed the birds at this time of year?  We try to do it all year round, but in winter it’s particularly important to give wild birds a helping […]

  • My top plants for your late Winter garden

    We’re heading towards the last ‘official’ weeks of winter, phew! With spring not far off in the garden, it’s only […]

  • What to plant now – February

    We’re almost there…. February is underway and spring is just around the corner.  I still want it to hurry up though! It really won’t be […]

  • How to add interest to your winter garden

    A quick glance out of my kitchen window confirms that winter is definitely in residence in the garden.  The light is low, the tree branches […]

  • Fun winter nature crafts for children

    We don’t really see winter as ideal for spending time outdoors with our children, do we?  The days are shorter, the weather is often less than […]

  • Product Showcase: Tuscan Engineered wood flooring

    Do you find that January is often the time of year when you start to think about home renovations?  I know the combination of post-Christmas calm, having […]