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  • At Last, The Priory

    So that’s that then. The end. Ten years after starting work at The Priory – almost to the day – I’m leaving. I’ve spent about a […]

  • The Priory In June

    I will be leaving Sussex and The Priory very soon.  And if I’m excited about my future life in a different part of England, my lower lip trembles […]

  • Wordless Wednesday: Wood Mouse

    We’re going to have one fat mouse. […]

  • Fritillaria Meleagris – The Snake’s Head Fritillary

    A couple of weeks ago, after months of squelch, The Priory meadow was dry enough to support the weight of the Etesia ride-on mower … as well as my added […]

  • Anemone nemorosa

    April brings wood anemones to The Priory and about time too. Of all the wildflowers that were already here when I arrived, the gradual increase of anemones […]

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