Bulb Energy

Bulb Energy – 100% Green low cost energy.
No exit fees so you are free to leave anytime.
One tariff for all, called ‘Vari – fair’. Fuel prices  can go both down and up depending on wholesale market price changes.
Pays a £50 referral fee to users that introduce new customers, plus £50 credited to your referred new customer’s account.
You are in full control of your monthly direct debit amount. You can adjust it yourself after your initial payment.

You can even switch to Bulb Energy if you use a prepayment meter.

Energy costs change when there’s more demand
In the same way train tickets have peak and off-peak pricing, energy costs change throughout the day. The greater the demand, the more it costs.
SMET2 smart meter customers can elect to go onto Bulb’s “smart tariff”. This gives you off-peak, peak and overnight rates, which results in further serious savings compared to the big 6 energy suppliers. This is ideal for people keen to reduce their energy bills.

Smart tariff is particularly economic for overnight charging of EV electric vehicles, overnight use of washing machines and tumble dryers, or for electric storage heaters and immersion heaters. The savings are similar to economy 7 and economy 10 meters.

Homes with average usage will pay the same as our Vari – fair tariff, but if you’re smart about when you use energy, you can beat the system.

Chart showing the three rates of the smart tariff

The prices are based on Bulb’s rates for the Eastern region. They will vary from region to region, and also as wholesale prices fluctuate.
The general idea however is to allow customers to plan their usage to maximize their savings by avoiding peak demand periods and benefiting from lower demand periods when possible. 

Signing up to their smart tariff is easy, all you have to do is give your consent to measure your energy usage every half-hour. If you have SMET2 smart meters, you can sign up right away. If you don’t, you may have to wait for Bulb to install new SMET2 meters at your home.
You can also combine their smart tariff with a smart prepayment meter.

Switch to Bulb Energy today and start reducing your energy bills. It takes less than 10 minutes and by using THIS LINK your new energy account starts off with credit of £50 added to your first payment.

You only need to know your postcode to get a quote, it really is that simple, and there is no pressure.

My original quote was £63.20 per month for a one bedroom house with two occupants, my wife and myself for both electricity and gas.
Since switching to Bulb Energy we have never had a bill over £40
How good is that ?

Energy Supplies

Gas & Electricity Supplies

Everyone knows how energy bills continue to get bigger, despite changing over to more energy efficient A+++ appliances and LED lighting, and having better insulated homes.

Equally people know that it is seriously easy these days to switch suppliers. It only takes a phone call or a couple of minutes online to make huge savings on energy bills. Where it gets complicated is trying to understand the confusion marketing tactics used by those bigger more well known names in the energy supplies industries, which is designed to totally confuse people so much that they don’t bother with actually switching their energy suppliers.

The other problem people are up against is that most of the energy supplier advice and comparison websites on the internet use biased results listings to ensure their commissions are protected, leading you to choose from less than the full marketplace in your attempt to reduce your annual energy costs.

If you want to reduce your annual energy spend, possibly by many hundreds of pounds a year  compared to the average Big 6 energy tariffs there are a number of new energy companies to choose from who operate very differently to those more well known and established ones.

Here are a few:

  • Bulb Energy – no exit fees so you are free to leave anytime. 100% Green energy.
    One tariff for all, called ‘Vari – fair’. Fuel prices  can go both down and up depending on wholesale market price changes.
    Dual fuel discount of £30 per year. Pays a £50 referral fee to users that introduce new customers, plus £50 credited to your referred new customer’s account. You are in full control of your monthly direct debit amount. You can also switch to Bulb Energy if you use a prepayment meter.


  • Yorkshire Energy – no exit fees so you are free to leave anytime
    2 simple tariff’s – Yorkshire Energy Variable and Green Hedgehog


  • Robin Hood Energy – a “Not for Profit” energy company launched by Nottingham City Council as a competitor to the Big Six Energy Suppliers.  FIND THEM HERE


  • Pure Planet – Britain’s first app only energy supplier. Cut your bills and your carbon footprint.


Car Breakdown & Recovery Insurance

Car Breakdown & Recovery Insurance

I was watching the money saving expert Martin Lewis one evening when he mentioned a young lady who he thought was paying “over the top” for her car breakdown & recovery insurance. He told her that she should not be paying more than £40 per year !!

Knowing I was paying a higher premium than that I checked on how much I was actually paying. Guess what, I found that my premium was well over double that amount, plus extra on top for legal protection plus extra for European cover plus extra for home start etc……

Time to get online and find what was available out there. That’s when I came across Start Rescue. Everything I need for a very reasonable £35.45 with home start and legal expenses plus accident and breakdown assistance and recovery. They also have a smartphone app. which reports your phone number and position directly to the company when you are in need of assistance, no need to call them. They then confirm by text to let you know that someone is on their way.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Travel Insurance

Everyone travelling abroad is well advised to take out travel insurance. We all know that makes sense, and for most people the cost involved is well worth the peace of mind such insurance cover brings. For a number of people they benefit from no cost or low cost cover, possibly without realizing that it’s there. Some banks and building societies offer this to their current account customers,

However, for people with pre-existing medical conditions the picture can be somewhat different because their medical history has to be declared. This normally results in sky high premiums being demanded, as I found out, way out of proportion to the actual greater risks carried by the insurer. In other words, the excessive premiums demanded mean people with existing medical conditions just can’t afford to travel abroad, which is such a great shame.

All is not lost, however. There are a (very) few insurance companies that take a very different approach to such cases and although they still need to be told about any previous or current medical details they are very much more realistic about premiums.
After several days spent “shopping around” online and researching other peoples experiences I eventually found World First, who charged under £100 for both me and my wife for a joint annual multi trip policy, which I found to be seriously cheaper than other companies. When I tell you that my (declared) pre-existing medical conditions included a Stroke AND Prostate Cancer, you can then determine how affordable that premium appeared to us both.  Luckily we have not had to claim from the policy so I can’t comment on how they handle claims, but remain thankful for their realistic approach to people like myself.

World First
World First